Top 10 Motorized Kayak 2021


I suppose it’s final now! You have decided that a motorized kayak will be your preferred mode of going into open water. After all, it is a more efficient and minimalist option among all watercraft. If you are out in the water for fishing, a kayak allows you the swiftness and ease that is needed to reach the right spot quickly.

And if you are in a competition kayak will make winning easier than it was with a boat.

If you aren’t carrying many goods with you and if you are alone or are with friends who are as energetic and fun-loving as you, a kayak always makes a better option than a boat.

Considering all these factors you have opted for a kayak. But what is your opinion about different options within the vast variety of kayaks available in the market? Which one of them will you prefer? Do you need white water kayaks or you can work well with sea kayaks? You may also choose between the safer versions of touring kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks.

You can also choose between a manual and motorized kayak in all these different options. And if you are as fast and adventurous as the twenty-first century and you choose a motorized kayak as a result, this article will help you select the best vehicle for your kayaking needs.

Top 10 Motorized Kayak 2021

Pelican Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak with Motor

Best Budget

  • Open cockpit
  • Budget friendly
  • Fishing accessories
  • Adjustable backrest cushion
  • Single person capacity
  • Only carries 325 pounds

If you are looking for a great option for your fishing adventures on a budget, this kayak is for you. The vehicle combines performance, affordability, storage, and ease in one package. Plus, it’s is portable with two retractable handles.

Let’s start with the ease which comes with this kayak. Open cockpit means that you have no problem in entering into the kayak. The seating system consists of a padded seat cushion with a backrest that is adjustable. The kayak ensures tracking with a flat bottom with a multi-chine hull design. Its hull can carry up to 325 pounds of weight. This water-borne vehicle is suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

Now, you must be wondering about the storage capacity that comes with this fishing kayak with motor. It comes with a day hatch, which is 4 inches in diameter, as well as a storage area in its front with a quick lock. Both storage spaces provide enough room to keep all your fishing gear on-board.

You also get fishing accessories with this motorized kayak. Additional items include two fish mount rod holders, adjustable footrest, paddle tie-down, swivel rod holder, six eyelets, and a bottle holder.

Lifetime 90806 Tamarack Angler

Most Durable Fishing Kayak

  • Comes in a pair of two kayaks
  • Adjustable footrest position
  • Huge storage space
  • Chine rails for optimal tracking performance
  • Durable
  • Customer service could be improved

If you don’t want to go on fishing alone, this set of kayaks will make a cool purchase decision for you. This pair of kayaks come with one top-mounted and two flush-mounted fishing rod holders.

The manufacturer has emphasized safety and stability while designing the vehicle. They have ensured this quality by including deep hull channels as well as chine rails in the design. Further stability comes from the flat bottom of the hull. Comfort comes from adjustability in footrest positions. Now, you can adjust your position to add ease to your voyage. The backrest of the seat is padded and adjustable. You also get a seat pad to add comfort.

This motorized kayak for sale has also given enough attention to its storage capacity. You get shock cords at the front and rear sides of the kayak. Also, you get two hatches beneath the deck which can keep accessories for you. In addition to three rod-holders mounted at different positions, the vehicle also offers a paddle-keeper.

Classic Accessories Colorado XTS

Best in Flexibility

  • Optimal tracking
  • Portable
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Stowable transport wheel
  • Swivel seat can be a problem for some users

I know! I know we are talking about kayaks here.

But did you know this fishing boat is just as robust and fast as an electric kayak? After all, the goal is to reach that secret hole before anyone else. And this boat helps you with just that without compromising on comfort and stability.

This classic boat gets stability from pontoons, ease from varied leg lengths and comfortable seats, and ease of use from optimal storage capacity. Its massive storage capacity comes from 20 pockets for fishing gear and other accessories.

The seat also offers swiveling ability through the swiveling seat. If this is your type of feature, cool! If not, you may have to switch the seat with a fixed option.

In the package, this boat comes disassembled. Once you have assembled it for use, you can choose between keeping it assembled and disassembling it to add portability. If you choose to keep it assembled, you can stow it with the transport wheel at its bottom. Also, you get two anchor systems with this boat.

The boat also comes with a dedicated bladder patch kit for easy repair.

AQUOS Heavy-Duty Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Best in Ease-of-Use

  • Standing position is stable and safe
  • Safe and stable tracking
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The swivel seat can be a problem for some

If you can expand your idea of a water-borne vehicle to a boat, you’ve got this extremely portable, lightweight pontoon boat that can be transported easily on vehicles. This inflatable boat comes disassembled and you have to input up to 15 minutes in getting it ready for the water.

This boat is far more stable than most other one-person fishing boats. It features four air chambers, two of which follow the innovative design from the manufacturer’s design engineering. Couple these air chambers with the width of pontoons’ position and you get a highly reliable boat with commendable tracking performance.

The seat is mounted on a pedestal. But users get stability and balance from foot straps. These straps also allow the users to stand up in the boat, a feature that is missing in kayaks and most other one-person boats.

When you wish, you can use the paddle for this motorized boat in both standing as well as sitting positions.

Another feature that enhances fishing ease comes as its detachable fishing rod holders. You can easily change rods in them.

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Best Inflatable

  • Suitable both for deep and shallow waters
  • Customizable
  • Oars included
  • Durable
  • You need to add motor mount if you want it motorized

If you are worried if your motorized kayak will go in deep water or not, you should check this kayak out. Despite its affordable price, the kayak packs all the features of a reliable and stable kayak.

This inflatable fishing kayak seats two anglers. Its stability comes from its high-pressure inflation. The two skews are removable so you can switch between them according to water depth. Two air chambers add to its stability and balance. The bucket seats are adjustable to keep the users comfortable.

The durability makes the key quality of this kayak which comes from laminate PVC having a polyester core. After durability, the manufacturer’s focus remains on the storage capacity of the vehicle. In total, it can carry up to 400 pounds of weight. You get adjustable mounting brackets to store accessories. Plus, a carry bag is included in the package to further add ease of carrying stuff. Storage in the front and the rear ends is enough for fishing gear and tools. You also get recessed fishing rod holders with the kayak.

Portability is the prominent feature that comes with every inflatable kayak. Intex Excursion Pro is no different. It offers further ease using spring-loaded valves which help in inflation or deflation of the vehicle.

Inflatable Sport Boats – White Marlin 9.8′

Best Recreational

  • White color to protect fading
  • Suitable for up to 5 people
  • 3-year warranty
  • Strong and reliable
  • Comes with only one bench seat

Are you looking to add adventure to your fishing endeavors? Look no further! This robust yet swift kayak will give you an adrenaline boost. It is safe to use in calm ponds as well as ocean waves. The company guarantees the, however you use this vehicle, you can rely on the durability of the boat.

Other than fishing and recreational boating you can also use it for tendering.

You can inflate the boat to get a stable boat floor that enhances tracking performance. The boat comes with one aluminum bench seat. However, it has space for two adjustable bench seats. You get two oars which are made of aluminum.

The best feature of this boat is its ability to hold up to 1158 pounds of weight. Plus, it can carry up to five persons. Despite its large carrying capacity, this boat can be deflated and kept in a carrying bag for portability. Another form of portability comes from its five handles at the front and back ends. 

If you want a motorized kayak, you can install a 2 or 4 stroke kayak electric motor on it.

Old Town Sportsman 106 Motorized Kayak

Best for Big Guys

  • Comes with a motor
  • Customizable
  • Comfortable seat
  • Open cockpit with lots of storage area
  • You still need a battery

This classic electric kayak is a great option for those anglers who fish in style. It comes with a kayak electric motor and is ready to start sailing as soon as it arrives.

The open cockpit is just one feature that adds comfort to the use of this motorized kayak. Others are the textile mesh of the seat, adjustable leg lengths, cushioned floor pads, and numerous fish rod holders.

The best feature of this adventure vehicle is its speed. It mimics the efficiency and ease of use of the powerboat-style throttle. Consequently, you can delegate the task of steering the electric kayak to your feet and keep your hands free for fishing.

The storage capacity of this kayak is also exemplary. Other than the large open cockpit to hold your accessories, you get an aft tank that is spacious for fish as well as organized for tools.

For angling, you get three flush-mounted rod holders two of which are mounted on the stern while one is mounted at the bow. You can also mount a fish finder on this boat using a transducer mounting system.

Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 Motorized Kayak

Best Autopilot

  • Autopilot
  • Comes with a motor
  • Customizable
  • Comfortable seat
  • Open cockpit with lots of storage area
  • Can be costly

If you want to catch lots of fish but aren’t interested in putting in a lot of effort, this autopilot motorized kayak is for you. What’s the best part! It’s ready to sail as it arrives with a pre-installed Kota trolling motor. You do have to buy a kayak electric motor’s battery separately, however.

How autopilot is it? Don’t be too excited! You still have to steer the motorized kayak. But you do it effortlessly using the i-pilot remote which connects through Bluetooth. And you can use its spot-lock technology to keep it within feet of your desired spot.

The seat and cockpit of this motorized kayak are comfortable and spacious. The foot braces are adjustable while the larger rudder helps in easy control. This electric kayak also offers stability when you are standing through EVA foam floor pads.

It is a great fishing kayak with a motor because of its powerful motor as well as large storage space in the cockpit. Aft tank is another storage area for keeping fish as well as tools and accessories for fishing. Other features that make it a great fishing vehicle include many rod holders in it, a customer tackle box, and customizable tracks.

Wilderness Systems ATAK 120

Best Customization

  • Open cockpit with huge storage
  • Comfortable seat
  • Customizable
  • Long lead time

If you can compromise on weight and portability and want a kayak on a reasonable budget, you should test out Wilderness Systems ATAK 120. This motorized kayak is compatible with Helix MD Drive. However, you will have to purchase this propulsion system separately.

This is another motorized kayak with an open cockpit and plenty of space for leg and storage. Plus, with a suspension style seat, you can freely relax your back or keep it upright depending on your body’s needs. Also, you can stand up in the kayak when it is feasible for fishing endeavors without losing the stability of the vehicle. Use extra Keepers XL foot braces while standing up.

The best part of this motorize kayak is ease-of-customization it offers. You can install a battery, transducer, and fish finder on a separate pod at it. Use a large stern to mount accessories and use easy access in the center to store your tools, gear, and accessories.

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

Best for Safety and Stability

  • Inflatable
  • Carries up to two persons
  • Durable
  • Quick and easy assemble
  • Swivel seat can be a problem for some

When fishing is the primary reason for which you want to buy a kayak, you consider every angle of your perspective vehicle to see how it adds value to your fishing adventure. FishSUP 126 makes a great choice among motorized kayaks because it is built while considering the fishing needs and requirements from a kayak.

It is swift without losing its stability. It provides space for storage and comfortable seating. Also, you get plenty of space and options for customization. You can also install a motor on it to make it a motorized kayak to add agility. The best feature of this chair is its 3-year warranty.

This product is also sold individually without the seat. However, the product we have linked includes an inflatable, swivel seat. But you will have to get a motor separately. Or you can upgrade to Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Pro Motor Fishing Rig Package to also get a motor to go with this inflatable.

So, Which One is Your Motorized Kayak?

Which motorized kayaks are most suitable for you? Or more simply, which kayaks will keep you engaged and entertained for long? The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in your kayak.

If you are looking to invest in a kayak to enhance and nurture your fishing endeavor, you should consider motorized kayaks over manual ones. They offer ease of use on top of agility and make a great companion if you are planning to spend the whole day in the waters.

If comfort is your priority, you should look for design and material.

When your foremost concerns are durability, you should look at the brand, build, and material.

Those anglers who prefer speed over other factors should consider the power of the motor it comes with or supports.

This article lists some great options from different types of kayaks which are fast as well as stable and comfortable.  

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